Oh man. I just opened a barrel of lawsuits with this conversation. I’m sincerely worried that this episode is going to add gas to the inevitable cannabis lawsuit fire of 2018…First, I want to give it up to my man, Ian Stewart for an awesome and incredibly illuminating interview! Ian is a Partner in Wilson Elser’s Los Angeles office. He is chair of the Wilson Elser’s Cannabis Law Practice Team. We met while serving as chairs for the C.L.A.B. LA chapter in 2017.

Ian didn’t skip a beat when it came to answering my questions. Do you know why that is? It’s because the questions I asked aren’t new, and now they are a reality. The main catalyst for the impending wave of lawsuits: a little thing called LEGALIZATION. Legalization provides a uniquely challenging set of regulations to adhere to, making this industry a juicy target for litigious people/companies/firms. Shit is about to get ugly. I mean, even I was getting excited at the thought of suing a bunch of companies for misrepresentation so I can afford to chill on the beach for the rest of my life…



Class action lawsuits

Competition lawsuits

Consumers suing technology

Consumers suing companies

Companies suing the local government

Companies suing companies

Companies suing labs

Labs suing labs

Legalization = Compliance = Lawsuits



  1. Paper Up
  2. Lawyer Up
  3. Want to make big money in the cannabis industry? Become a lawyer!
  4. In cannabis, it’s: compliance and/or financial death 

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  • Karl W. Beistline

    There is already a set standard within the USDA and FDA which specifies testing of Pesticides, Metals and several forms of toxins. The only items not explicitly standardized are the canabinoids testing.
    The only deviation from the federal regulations is the preperation of the samples to be tested. If a laboratory deviates from the current USDA/FDA standards then they are NOT compliant. Considder them rogue.

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