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Watch out for fake Sanjay Gupta – Tree of Knowledge 

United Cannabis corp gets sued – Sue and Be Sued – 

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We are talking about some serious BS on this episode, folks. Let me tell you about Calaveras County, CA and the abrupt and logic-defying political reversal they made by deciding to enact a ban on all commercial cannabis activities after allowing the permitting of over 300 cultivators and accepting millions in taxes and fees. Why the sudden change of heart? 2 newly appointed anti-cannabis Board of Supervisors.

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A rural county legalized marijuana farms. It took their tax money – then …

Farmers file another cannabis suit | Calaveras County’s Most Trusted

Calaveras County, once pot-friendly, bans marijuana

Guest Bio:

George Grafer has over 5 years in commercial cannabis cultivation and is the principal owner of Kola Farms. George has successfully operated one of Calaveras County’s largest cannabis operations and brought products to market. Additionally, Mr. Grafer also oversees the manufacturing of concentrates and marketing of cannabis products primarily to Northern California dispensaries. In addition to cannabis related products George and his wife Raquel have a wine label under the Kola Farms group brand-name. George is now expanding Kola Farms operations throughout Northern California including a hub with multiple facilities in Solano County.

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Kola Farms Instagram

Kola Farms Store


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