On this episode, I speak to Kelly Mauro about her pursuit of starting a retail cannabis store in Calgary. If you have been paying attention to the rollout of legalization in Canada, you are probably aware that they are in the middle of a huge supply shortage and are having implementation difficulties. What started out as the pursuit of the Canadian cannabis dream, quickly unfolded into the all too familiar cannabis quagmire we see in the states. Sometimes dreams can become nightmares…

Kelly Mauro has over 20 years Sales and Customer Service experience in both Vancouvers’ Hospitality Industry and Calgary’s Home Building Industry. She has a proven sales track record in everything from estate homes to commercial window coverings, and also hold certifications in Interior Design and Home Inspection.

In 2017 she switched career paths to pursue her dream to open a Retail Cannabis Store in Calgary and became one of the first people in Canada to receive bank support to do so.  With current brick and mortar challenges, Kelly has been consulting in various areas of the industry including technology development for growers in both small and large scale operations across Canada.



Producer: Barry Krauss

Sponsor: Soil to the Oil Advisory and Media

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